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Limassol is a city on the southern coast of Cyprus & capital of the eponymous district. The municipality is the most populous in the country with approx.101, 000 inhabitants. The Limassol urban area has a population of approx.160, 000.

Limassol has a Subtropical –Mediterranean climate, enjoybale  and rather warm  all year round, making travel to the area generally pleasant and comfortable.
Enjoy the mild winters in Limassol by arriving during one of the winter months. Winters  come with  some light rain and snow possible in the mountains, the highs average 62 degrees, while the lows only drop to the mid-40s. The rainiest months are December, January and February, though it is rare for it to last all day.  Trip to the mountains will help you  to discover how different the view of the island from there, the peaks of the Troodos mountains that rise approx. 2,000 meters above sea level, it is wonderful place for cycling, to use  mountain bike, for tennis, for walking, jogging and of course  skiing in winter.

propertyartcy limassol

There are lots of nature trails that will take you to places of unique beauty beside fragrant pines, streams and waterfalls and places for picnics. [Some of these trails are part of the European path E4, an international network of 11 long walking routes traversing across Europe. Scientifically known as the Troodos Ophiolite Complex is the area created before 80 million years and went through the sea before 20 million years to create the island.*source: Cyprus tourism org.]  There are 800 different plant species, 72 endemic and 12 of which are found nowhere else in the world, moreover there are many painted churches of Cyprus, superb examples of Byzantine art, ten of which have been put in the list of Unesco World heritage of Unesco.
If you’re heading to Limassol in the summer, it can get very warm, temperatures of 100 degrees are not unusual in July and August, so be prepared with appropriate clothing and shoes.  If you’re at the coast in the evenings you can sometimes get a nice breeze.  The warm summer days will bring lots of sun and bright blue skies, making your trip to Limassol picture perfect.

Limassol is the major sea port of the Republic of Cyprus furthermore Limassol is today the largest ship management service centre in Europe.

During the last years, Limassol has experienced a construction boom fuelled by the tourist sector as well as from increasing foreign investments in the city. Tourism is one of Limassol prime industries.

Furthermore, the city of Limassol has a stable value of property price in comparison to other cities on the island. This state of the market is expected to continue over the future years.

Limassol has proved to be an increasingly popular place for doing business, retirement and/or for the acquisition of holiday homes by foreigners.

Demand on the real estate market of Limassol, which is continually increasing, is forthcoming mainly from European Countries, also from ex eastern bloc countries, and from China recently.

In Limassol there is a wide variety of universities, colleges or private schools, to choose  for  professional studies that  can help you with its Diploma, to find a job of your dreams anywhere in the world.

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Universities, colleges and private international schools in Limassol:

Cyprus University of Technology-  Limassol,Frederick University  Limassol, University of Nicosia ( Limassol branch ), Silverline School,  CTL Eurocollege, Challenge School, Global Center of Independent Studies, Intercollege Limassol, Heritage School Limassol, Kryfo Scholeio, Frederick CISCO Networking Academy ,Alchemy Barteding School Ltd, David Green English Language Institute, The Cyprus Institute of Marketing,  American Academy, Computer Eyes Private Institute, Cyprus Academy Of Art.

Russian private schools: LITC, Pyphagora.

Limassol has lots of different sizes, small or large and modern sporting centers, which are offering a gymnasium, slimming and aerobics classes, swimming pool, swimming lessons for kids, kid’s gym, sauna and Jacuzzi.

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Also there are professional football teams, cannoning teams, air gliding teams, tennis, gymnastics, different ballet teams, variety of different professional dancing academies, theaters performance lessons from professional trained teachers, judo, kickboxing and professional basketball trainings.

Many of the professional sporting teams are offering mini bus transportation for children for example if needed.

AEL Limassol is a champion football team that plays at Tsirion Stadium in Limassol, as is Apollon  team in the same division of this league. There are other football teams that play there as well.

Limassol supports basketball also and in 2006, Limassol hosted the FIBA Europe All-Star Game.

Limassol offers motorsports also, each year, Limassol (and surrounding areas) hosts the Cyprus Rally, which helps to determine the World Rally Championship.

Santa Marina Retreat which is based opposite Grand Resort Hotel offers  lots of sport activities  as well:  including horse riding/ golf / archery and loads more,the pine terrace is a great place to relax, set in 100 acres of beautiful surroundings, or  the Sayios Adventure Park if none of the above are for you,   My Mall offering  ice skating and  bowling.

Scuba diving in Cyprus, offering great dive sites, the Zenobia is a must for qualified divers.

propertyartcy limassol

If you love yachting, the new Limassol Marina, the first super yacht marina in Cyprus, is Limassol Marina is an integrated waterfront development consisting of 236 residences (162 apartments and 74 villas), 650 berths (for yachts up to 115m) and commercial units: 40 shops, 14 restaurants, cafes and bars, Spa & Fitness club, a cultural center, marine training school, yacht club, boatyard and parking for 750 cars. Also, Limassol Marina can accommodate 650 yachts from 8m to 115m in length.

propertyartcy limassolLimassol have a multitude of cultural activities to choose from.

The Limassol Carnival is a pre-Lenten festival that dates back literally hundreds of years. The carnival is an 11-day festival full of parades and shows. If you want peace and quiet, you might actually want to stay away from Limassol during Carnival because it’s a noisy and fun celebration. But for those looking for a good costume party, the Limassol Carnival brings that and plenty more.

The Limassol Sculpture Park is located along the coastline, and features 20 large sculptures. It was created during several events bringing a variety of international artists to Limassol to help create the sculpture garden. Also, Limassol hosts a wine festival each year usually at the beginning of September but the actual date can vary slightly so it’s useful to check the website before heading to Limassol for the festival. The area of Limassol and Cyprus in general are large wine-producing regions, and this festival celebrates the abundance.

 propertyartcy limassol

There aren’t too many places in the world you can travel to and feel perfectly safe, as a traveler or as a new resident. Limassol, however, is one such place.

Cyprus was recently rated one of the safest places in the world, and Limassol – even with its large traveler base – is equally safe and pleasant city.  Although you need not feel unsafe in this coastal town, there are always precautions you can take when traveling. Be sure to keep your passport on your person when traveling, and when you’re in town for a few days (such as when you park in Limassol for a few days) keep it in a safe place. Be sure to keep your money concealed and don’t keep all of it on you. Don’t share your hotel information with anyone and in particular, don’t share room numbers or keys in order not to create a crime of opportunity.
There are many pharmacies and lots of private doctors and you will not have problem with purchasing medicine or making a visit to a doctor, mostly all medical workers can freely communicate in English, however if you don’t speak English, in Limassol it is easy to find Russian speaking pharmacy or doctor you can call local information number for it: 11892.